• April 18, 2009: Travelers Aid Springtime Soiree

    April 18, 2009: Travelers Aid Springtime Soiree

    September 2, 2008: "Travelers Aid Day"

    September 2, 2008: “Travelers Aid Day”

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Hard at Work

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Hard at Work

    A Night in White 2005

    A Night in White 2005

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Helps a Visitor at the Airport

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Helps a Visitor at the Airport

    A Night in White: Thursday, June 17, 2010

    A Night in White 2010

    A Night in White 2011

Getting Help

If you are stranded, fleeing an abusive situation, or without any resources, Travelers Aid may be able to help. In an emergency, it’s always best to call 911. Please note: we are only able to provide transportation assistance to those who are physically in San Diego, and clients may be asked to contribute towards the price of their tickets.  If you need to speak with a case manager, please call:

619-233-8500, ext. 1157

Or visit our case manager’s office (please call first before coming):

St. Vincent de Paul Village
1501 Imperial Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Travelers Aid complies with all aspects of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act in all of its programs.  It is the policy of Travelers Aid to guarantee that all clients receive equal benefits of programs and services provided regardless of race, color, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sex, physical handicap, religion or medical condition.  Travelers Aid also follows all Equal Employment Opportunity laws with regard to discrimination based on the above criteria.

Material support for some Travelers Aid programs is provided by:


Downtown San Diego Lion’s Club & Lion’s Welfare Foundation


SenioRide is supported by SANDAG as part of the TransNet Senior Mini-Grant program.

Their Stories

Sarah & George

sarahandgeorge-640x480Sarah and George were a two-income family, working hard, and earning enough to afford rent on their one-bedroom home. All in the span of three months, Sarah was laid off, George was injured on the job, and their landlord decided to sell their house. (more…)


seth-640x480Seth is a 29-year-old Iraqi war vet who was discharged here in San Diego and told to find his way home.  He had visible scars from an IED explosion, shrapnel wounds, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder anxiety, but maintained a good sense of humor even though he had been living on the streets for four weeks. (more…)


jeanette-640x480Jeanette, a young mother, had been suffering at the hands of her husband of three years. They had separated many times in the past, and each time they reunited, he promised to stay away from drugs and alcohol as well as attend counseling. (more…)


raphael-640x480Raphael’s troubles began when his ten-year marriage dissolved into a very difficult divorce. Through the process, he lost custody of his two children, his home, his car, and everything important to him. A broken man, Raphael became homeless, and spent five years abusing drugs and alcohol before he encountered Travelers Aid. (more…)


maria-640x480Like many women who suffer from domestic violence, 43-year-old Maria was referred to Travelers Aid through the Family Justice Center and the District Attorney’s office. This had been Maria’s second relationship in which domestic violence had played a role—her husband had beaten her six years ago. (more…)


rebecca-640x480Rebecca, age 38, had been in a relationship for seven years with her partner when it first turned violent. Her girlfriend began beating her, and was so violent that Rebecca was suffering from an inflamed and damaged kidney by the time she contacted Travelers Aid to see if we could help her get out of town. (more…)


marina-640x480Still a teenager, Marina found herself pregnant for the third time. Because of her youth, lack of education, and limited resources, her two children had been taken by Child Protective Services. Through her enrollment in a Travelers Aid program called Mobile Moms, Marina was able to turn her life around. (more…)


ken-640x480A Canadian man came to Travelers Aid as his last hope.  The man was broke, desperate, and close to suicide. Having come to San Diego from Canada in hopes of finding work and beginning a new life, Ken endured several set-backs, including having his truck break down. (more…)


marsha-640x480Marsha came to Travelers Aid, desperate, and without any resources, as so many women do. The mother of two children, Marsha had endured a fifteen year marriage to her high school sweetheart who turned out to be abusive, restrictive, and violent. (more…)


cindy-640x480Today, as I sit by San Diego Bay, I know I am free. As I walk by the water with blue July skies above, I sense—overwhelmingly, that I am no longer in bondage. I am a free agent in life. I can choose or refuse whatever comes my way. I can go where I want to go, I can do what I want to do, and I can make my own plans and decisions.


linda-640x480Linda married her high school sweetheart and they settled in the Los Angeles area. Things were going well for the young couple when her husband began to verbally abuse her. It was shortly after the verbal attacks that the physical abuse started. (more…)