• April 18, 2009: Travelers Aid Springtime Soiree

    April 18, 2009: Travelers Aid Springtime Soiree

    September 2, 2008: "Travelers Aid Day"

    September 2, 2008: “Travelers Aid Day”

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Hard at Work

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Hard at Work

    A Night in White 2005

    A Night in White 2005

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Helps a Visitor at the Airport

    A Travelers Aid Volunteer Helps a Visitor at the Airport

    A Night in White: Thursday, June 17, 2010

    A Night in White 2010

    A Night in White 2011

Our Story

Welcome to Travelers Aid Society of San Diego. We’ve been helping San Diegans in need for over 100 years. The mission of Travelers Aid is to assist individuals and families who, in times of crisis or transition, are disconnected from their support systems. Travelers Aid provides access to critical services for those who have no other means to reach those services.

This agency is small but has a long history here in San Diego. Most of those who have heard of Travelers Aid think of us only as those nice volunteers who staff help desks at the airport, train station, or cruise ship terminal.

Travelers Aid does aid travelers. Helping visitors to our region is a huge part of what we do. In the early years of the twentieth century, Travelers Aid started here in San Diego as an arm of the King’s Daughters. The purpose was to assist and protect women and children traveling alone from unsavory types. After incorporating in 1914, Travelers Aid Society has evolved many times, but the original purpose is still intact—assisting travelers in need. We currently boast the largest volunteer staff of any Travelers Aid agency with more than 300 individuals staffing several help desks as well as working in “mobile” positions. If you are interested in Volunteer Opportunities, click here.

When you think of the term “traveler,” you might, like most people, think of it as synonymous with “tourist,” but it’s important to note that not all travelers are tourists or have destinations. Some individuals are traveling because they have no place to settle. Some need short distance travel options, but have none due to economic or social factors. We help all travelers, regardless of the definition.

We have several programs:

Shelter Placement
Men, women, and families are given counseling and assistance with finding short-term housing

Long Distance Transportation

Qualifying individuals are assisted home to places outside the region to reunite with family members and/or support systems.

Journey to Safety

Victims of domestic violence are given counseling, local transportation, and long distance transportation to places of safety and support

Low and fixed income seniors are assisted with transportation options such as taxi vouchers, ride-sharing, volunteer drivers, and door-to-door services

Work Your Way Home
Low Income and/or homeless adults are matched up with employers for short term work projects which enable them to earn money to travel home or to a place of safety

Short Term Transportation
Low income and homeless individuals are given transportation for various medical appointments, employment issues, and access to other social services



    rebecca-640x480Rebecca, age 38, had been in a relationship for seven years with her partner when it first turned violent. Her girlfriend began beating her, and was so violent that Rebecca was suffering from an inflamed and damaged kidney by the time she contacted Travelers Aid to see if we could help her get out of town.